Being Centred whilst Staying Inspired makes life journeys enjoyable
-Anupama Murali

I was a Technology Consultant, successful and ambitious, with a great job, a wonderful family, and good health. My colleagues saw me as an energetic, and enthusiastic individual.

But, many things used to upset me and I couldn’t work out why.

– I spent most of my life striving to be perfect, and it wasn’t serving me.
– I often found myself on an emotional roller coaster feeling high and low.
– I was fearful of reshaping myself from “How I ought to be” to “Who I wanted to be.”


I decided to relook at how I accepted myself. Learning to meditate changed my life. I started to notice subtle changes in my mindset which made me calm yet highly committed to my goals, a state of Equilibrium.

I got very curious about the impact this could have on my life. That curiosity took me on the path of exploring the power of Personal Congruence. I can say with conviction that I have reaped its benefits. I am now committed to sharing this to enable my clients to Achieve with Equilibrium.

If what you just read about me resonates with you, I am sure we will enjoy talking about it.

How is this important?

All of us want to be our Best Self in life but there may be times when we can’t understand why

Life seems like a chore

Change seems daunting

Energy and Enthusiasm keeps waning

Situations and people affect us so much

Or we just don’t know what to change to enhance our abilities

In other words, How to Shift From a Reactive Life to Intentional Living seems like a puzzle. The good news is that some puzzles in the mind just need a different perspective.

By being more self-aware,
we can unlock unlimited power
to Change, Grow, and Flourish.