Can’t to Can – 3 steps to drop the ‘t’​

Are you someone who finds it difficult to start/continue working on your goal?

Does the phrase, ‘I can’t do it‘ lurk in your mind every time you want to start?

The word Can is within the word Can’t

Yet, sometimes we are unable to move from Can’t to Can.

The truth is, sometimes the things we can’t YET do come in the way and that prevents us from even attempting what we can.

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The other truth is, there is always something we can do towards our goal, no matter however small.

Every Step Matters!

Starting with What we can do sets us up to be able to do What we thought we can’t do.

Most of us know this. However, it is easier said than done. Is there a way one can shift from knowing to doing?

To shift from Can’t to Can, we have to drop the ‘t’

Here are the 3 ‘t’s based on my own experience and from the experience of my clients.


Being Tentative makes us unsure. Drop this ‘t’ and replace it with Assertiveness

Example : 

I will try to go for a walk  - Tentative

I will go for a walk  - Assertive

2. Temptations

When we think we can’t do something, we choose to do something else instead. Drop this ‘t’ and replace it with Commitment

Example : 

I won’t spend time on what’s easy to do unless 
I do this small step I can do today towards my goal

3. Timeline

What stops us from doing what we can on any given day could be the worry of a timeline that seems impossible to meet

Drop this ‘t’ and replace it with Empowerment

Example : 

By doing this small step, 
I feel more connected to my goal  
Every step helps me learn and grow

By applying these steps to each thing we can do, we can make sure-shot progress each day.

By dropping the 3 ’t’s and replacing them with Assertiveness, Commitment, and Empowerment, we can move forward to ACE our goals

The beautiful thing about mindset is that once we become aware and consciously change what stops us, we become unstoppable!