As a trainer I ensure Content meets Connection.

Experienced in facilitating workshops on Inclusive Leadership, Intentional Leadership, Executive Presence, I work with well recognised training providers like MetaMind Training, GP strategies, Global Coaching Lab to deliver the best executive development programs to emerging and senior leaders.

My passion is to provide training on mindset topics connected to Mental Fitness.

Mental Fitness is a proactive practice that ignites well-being, performance, and growth to become more resilient, realize your potential, and thrive.


By Re-imagining, Re-framing, Rethinking, we can Reprogram ourselves to operate in the way that is most conducive to us.

Anyone who is keen to develop skill-sets and shift mindset to enable themselves to Realise their Potential.

Current Training Programs


Enoughness is the state of feeling adequate. When one is in this state, they have unwavering self-belief and high self-esteem.

Who is it for?

For anyone who wants to transition from:

  • Confusion to Conviction
  • Self-Doubt to Self-Belief
  • Fearful to Courageous

What will be covered?

  • Individual assessment
  • Visioning and Goal setting
  • Change initiation with proven strategies
  • Enoughness model to sustain changes

 The secret to sustainable high performance.

Who is it for?

For anyone keen to decode discomfort and dissonance as a catalyst for growth and performance.

What will be covered? 

  • Self-knowledge questionnaire as pre-work
  • Exploratory discussion to delve deeper 
  • Mindset goal setting
  • TRICK your trigger approach to reprogram oneself
  • Neuroscience insights for change in patterns