An ambitious professional drowning in self doubt

Unable to elevate impact due to non-conducive patterns of self-doubt and self-sabotage.

  • Delving into underlying mental narratives. 
  • Cognitive strategies to shift from self-doubt to mental resilience and confidence.
  • Practices to maintain a flow state regardless of external events or challenges.
  • Translating self-discoveries into actionable steps for sustained personal and professional growth.

Building internal strength, approaching challenges as avenues for personal and professional development, showcasing heightened mental resilience and self-awareness.

I was doing well at work but constantly flooded with limiting thoughts, self-doubts and fears. I had identified a way of converting all of these into performance, but I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. A slight deflection and I would go out of my flow state.

That is when I reached out to Anupama to help me build mental resilience and equilibrium — to be in a flow state irrespective of the events, situations and people.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every session with her. They have helped me identify the deeper layers of what powers and disempowers me.

Anupama has an astonishing ability to help us uncover the solutions from within us. And since the insights and answers come from within us, making it actionable is very easy.

I have never felt this empowered in my life as today, where I can tackle every challenge as an opportunity to grow instead of resisting it. I have grown leaps in terms of mental resilience and self-awareness. I suggest you try one session with her and see the magic unfolding. She is not here to prove her ability as a coach but to enable us to make the impact we always wanted.

– Gayathri Gopal
Innovation Strategist | Director at Board of Innovation APAC