Navigating career and life through better clarity

Career advancement and gaining insights applicable to life in general.

  • Inviting coaching style creating a safe and intentional space for exploration and growth.
  • Integration of mindfulness aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and awareness in addressing challenges.
  • Providing tools and strategies to navigate professional challenges with newfound clarity and resilience.

Coaching not only addressed professional concerns but also proved beneficial in navigating challenges in life more broadly, showcasing a holistic impact.

Anu’s coaching style is inviting, safe, and intentional. Meeting and working with Anu turned to be one of the key highlights in my career throughout 2022. She helped shift my perspective in approaching common or unique professional challenges, but I should admit it also helped me with life in general. Anu’s style is integrative and is rooted in mindfulness, which sets her apart from other coaches I had experience with. I look forward to continue working with her in the years to come.

– Saghar Boukani