How to Build Confidence in a Sustainable Way?

What do you bank on to build confidence?

Compliments? or Impediments?

Clients saying they are pleased with the proposal.
Manager saying he/she is pleased to see the project outcome.
Team saying they are inspired by the approach.

are all compliments. Compliments make us feel good. Enjoy it.
At the same time, it is important to know about the nature of compliments.

Compliments are subject to
🤔 opinions, the mood of others
🌏 circumstances
🧩 communication style

Compliments are transient. The saying, ‘a pat on the back is only a few inches away from a kick in the pants’ is true.

So banking on something that can change and is difficult to control isn’t the best way to augment confidence.

A challenge is simply a situation where we see some impediments.

Taking the approach of reflecting on impediments we have overcome is better as this keeps us in a learning mindset along with giving a boost of self-belief.

Here are some self-coaching questions whether or not compliments have come your way after a project, presentation, win.
☆ What did I do better than previously?
☆ What aspect of my personality has changed with this experience?
☆ What would I do differently if I had to do this again?
☆ What has this experience taught me?

Enjoy compliments if they have come by, at the same time extract the essence of your experience to augment your confidence.