The 4 T’s to power Trust in oneself

How many times have you thought?

I want to do it but don't think I can 

I don't think this is my cup of tea but I wish it was   

I want to take this up, but what if I can't do it

These thoughts of lack of trust in oneself slow us or even stop us from working on goals like building new skills/ starting a new venture / implementing a new idea / changing something, etc.

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Alternatively, when we trust ourselves, it is like giving us a key to open doors of abilities, possibilities, opportunities. Sometimes people lose trust in themselves after a mistake or after being criticized. Sometimes, they might be more prone to criticizing their own decisions after they make them. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are.

Trusting oneself is such an important step for self-development and growth. When we don’t trust ourselves, we are unwilling to test ourselves. When we don’t test ourselves, we remain unrealized.

All of us want to be our Best Self in life. There is unrealized potential in every one of us.

Trusting yourself builds confidence, and the good news is that even if you don’t trust yourself now, with some effort you can build up that trust over time

Building trust in yourself can help boost decision-making skills and self-confidence. This can make life feel a little easier and much more enjoyable.

Here are 4 T’s to power Trust

Every step can be made more effective with deep breathing, so remember to take few breaths in before you try them.

Take up 

The first step is to take up the task, action. No doubt that the mind will pose excuses not to take up. To be able to navigate these excuses, simplify it

What are the various things that need to be done?
Which action am I willing to start with?
Can I get any sort of help to make a start?

Turn up 

Turning up is the most important step. It is here that the fear of not being able to do will be strongest. Just turning up itself is a huge step towards powering trust.

Make sure to mentally prepare for the task before actually doing it
Think through it, plan it, Imagine doing it.

If you are someone who imagines the worst possible outcome, replace it 
with imagining the best. 

Manage your imagination and what you permit yourself to imagine. 
Imagination is a useful tool to recreate ourselves

Tune in 

Once you turn up, tune into yourself. Scan your body to understand how you feel, become aware of any emotions that make you unsure, fearful. Tackle it by letting yourself be the best you can be at the moment. Remember, by turning up you have already done something different from usual.

Turn back 

Turn back is simply about looking back to appreciate the effort and outcomes, and also learn from the experience. The importance of this step can’t be over-emphasized. By recognizing ourselves for doing something different from usual is a step forward towards strengthening self-confidence.

Anything easy is not worth pursuing

With due respect for all the work each of us does, it is also true that growth happens only when we break the easy-peasy bubble.

The 4 steps for powering trust in oneself may seem like an effort and unreal at the start, but it is something that works and will start to become automatic when done repeatedly.

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These articles are based on the life experiences of several of my clients who have worked on trusting themselves by doing small and simple steps consistently.