How to Build Confidence in a Sustainable Way?

What do you bank on to build confidence? Compliments? or Impediments? Clients saying they are pleased with the proposal. Manager saying he/she is pleased to see the project outcome. Team saying they are inspired by the approach. are all compliments. Compliments make us feel good. Enjoy it.At the same time, it is important to know about […]

The 4 T’s to power Trust in oneself

How many times have you thought? I want to do it but don’t think I can I don’t think this is my cup of tea but I wish it was I want to take this up, but what if I can’t do it These thoughts of lack of trust in oneself slow us or even […]

Can’t to Can – 3 steps to drop the ‘t’​

Are you someone who finds it difficult to start/continue working on your goal? Does the phrase, ‘I can’t do it‘ lurk in your mind every time you want to start? The word Can is within the word Can’t Yet, sometimes we are unable to move from Can’t to Can. The truth is, sometimes the things we […]

Drawing Boundaries is a step towards Boundlessness – 4 step process

Have you had conflicts with friends or family members due to your likes or dislikes? When something we like becomes an obsession, it is called craving. Likewise, when something we dislike causes stress it is called an aversion. Likes and dislikes are so embedded within that we may not even pick up that they have […]

The MIRROR method to being Transparent

Transparency, i.e., openness and honesty is a quality we all value. What does it take to be transparent? The best way to understand this is by turning the spotlight onto ourselves. Being Transparent with others starts with being Transparent with oneself. By being transparent with ourselves, we can gain a deeper sense of the stories […]